An innovative Boston-based law firm and public affairs practice specializing in land use, zoning, licensing and permitting, real estate financing and development and State and Local government affairs.

Founded in 1998 by a creative group of lawyers with differing, yet compatible, areas of expertise, MQM provides successful client representation in the following areas of business and government:

  • Land use development before state and local administrative authorities; planning, zoning, permitting and licensing, and before public officials and community interest groups.
  • Alcoholic beverage and entertainment sector representation of wholesalers, suppliers and on-premise and off-premise licensees before state and federal administrative authorities.
  • Sports and entertainment facility licensing and entitlements for development, expansion and operation of stadiums, theaters and other venues.
  • Public/private partnerships, government procurement and business-to-business ventures in real estate development and general business.
  • Transportation and energy sector development strategies, LEED and TOD real estate ventures
  • State and Local legislative and administrative initiatives in life sciences, biotechnology, transportation, energy, liquor and real estate.
  • Wireless telecommunications siting, zoning, permitting and leasing for commercial carriers before municipalities throughout Massachusetts.
  • Real estate acquisition, finance, commercial lending, foreclosure and bankruptcy.
  • Office, retail and residential leasing and formation of corporate structures, partnerships and realty trusts.

Our Practice

  • We are committed to the highest standards of competence and professionalism.
  • When engaged by a client, we tailor our approach to meeting their specific needs and addressing the matter at-hand.  Pin-point analysis and practical advice is the hallmark of our strategic representation.
  • We advise on and handle the practical and legal aspects of government and business.  We place a particular premium on our ability to identify and translate our clients’ goals and objectives into clearly defined results.


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